Sustrans Schools Nottingham News – Autumn 2015

The latest edition of the Sustrans Schools Nottingham News is now attached. The autumn edition includes: – Cycling Surge at Farnborough Academy – New Tram Routes Now Open! – Sneinton Primary received School Mark Award – The Tour of Britain Stage Finish in Nottingham – Harvey Hadden closed road circuit opens 12th September and loads […]

Pedals’ Response to Proposed Pedestrianisation of Station Street Area

Nottingham City Council recently consulted on plans to alter the traffic arrangements on Station Street in order to create a pedestrianised area, move some taxis to the new multi-storey on Queen’s Road and install some cycle lanes. We examined the plans and thought that they should go further in order to create a better environment for people to cycle and walk in. We replied to the consultation to tell the council this. Have a look at our response.


Sustrans Bennerley Viaduct restoration – exciting plans

Earlier this year Sustrans held consultation events in Ilkeston and Awsworth to publicise their plans to restore the historic Bennerley Viaduct and reuse it for a cycling and walking link between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The 1,452 foot long bridge would be used as part of a through route between Nottingham and Derby, and with good connections […]


Read what Nottingham’s election candidates have to say about cycling

Pedals has written to all 224 candidates in Nottingham City’s upcoming local elections to ask them about all things cycling.

Many of them have responded already. You can read what they have to say here. This link will be updated as more responses come in, so please keep checking back.

Don’t see a reply from candidates in your ward yet? There’s still time – contact them and ask them to respond.

Updated May 6. Click to see latest.


New NET cycling guides for Clifton and Chilwell

Two new NET route cycling guides are available. Copies will be sent out with the next Pedals newsletter in May or can be obtained directly from Carol Mee at Nottingham City Council:   For further information about cycling around the tram network, please visit  

CLifton and Chilwell guides