Cycling for All events in 2015

RideWise is launching its third season of Cycling for All sessions funded by Nottingham City Council’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund. Sessions are free, fun and healthy, and aimed at helping people of all abilities access cycling. The monthly sessions operate on a drop-in basis so why not pop along and find out more? Taking place […]


Forthcoming site visits with Tramlink

With most of the tram track construction work now complete Pedals has reminded Tramlink Nottingham of our agreement with them last June to organise a couple of site visits, covering both new NET routes, to identify any particularly hazardous features for cyclists which we would like to see modified before the routes are fully open […]


Tram tracks safety statement

This follows the Sep 17, 2014 post “Pedals presses for urgent campaign to spread tram tracks safety advice for cyclists”   Update of 10 December following the meeting of 18 November to discuss improving the distribution of tram tracks safety advice for cyclists, emphasising the importance of targeting other road users too with cyclist safety messages. […]


Sustrans Schools Autumn Newsletter

This edition includes: – Cycling success at Sustrans schools – Campaign for safer streets – Bike-to-school loyalty card scheme – British Cycling Coaching – Free travel support grants – The Golden Lock   and much more..


Crown Island Preparatory Works Notification

Nottingham City Council have given us some more details about the ring road improvement scheme changes at the Crown Island roundabout. “Please be advised that works are due to start at Crown Island on the Ring Road – the elongated dumbbell junction of Wollaton Road/Middleton Boulevard/Western Boulevard/Radford Bridge Road from mid-September.  These are advance works […]