Help make our vision a reality

A safe, convenient and enjoyable cycle network for everyone

  • Protected cycleways on main roads and through junctions
  • Prevent rat-running on residential streets and lower speed limits
  • Safe walking and cycling routes to schools, shops and workplaces

Vibrant street life and low-traffic neighbourhoods

  • Reduce motor traffic where people live, shop and spend time
  • Sociable streets where neighbours can chat and children can play
  • 43.7% of Nottingham households don’t have access to a car or van – yet so many live on streets blighted by too much motor traffic (Nottingham City Census 2011).

Inclusive and easy, not limited to the quick and the brave

  • Having the freedom to get around by bike shouldn’t only be for the fit and fast
  • Safe, accessible and enjoyable routes for all kinds of people on all kinds of cycles
  • It’s not about being a ‘keen cyclist’ or being sporty (but good for you if you are)

Learning from the best

  • Building a safe, joined-up cycle network has been proven (in cities in the UK and around the world) to dramatically increase the number and variety of people cycling for everyday journeys.
  • Although small improvements are welcome, we campaign for safe, enjoyable routes which actively enable people to cycle, rather than simply encouraging individuals to choose cycling.
  • We look to countries and cities with high levels of cycling for inspiration.

Short journeys are really important

  • In 2014, 56% of car journeys in England were under 5 miles.**
  • We want to enable more people to make more of their journeys (especially short journeys) by cycling.

**DFT Road Use Statistics 2014, page 28 

Still not convinced?

Take a look at this wonderful video about the freedom that comes with a cycling city.

Help make our vision a reality