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Report a problem

Poor driving, collisions, near misses

Collision, near miss or road rage

Why it is SO IMPORTANT to report a collision to the police

The police have a duty to accept reports of all road collisions which result in an injury (even if minor). This includes single vehicle incidents. Even if the case is not pursued, the police must record details of the collision by filling in something called a STATS 19 form. The data collected via STATS 19 is lumped together, anonymised and published annually. It is used by local authorities to identify the roads where the most collisions take place, and which should qualify for safety improvements.

If you do not report your collision then this data does not reflect a true picture of cycle collisions on our roads.

By buses

  • Report to the Police
  • Report to the bus operator

By taxis

Problems with cycle paths, roads hazards or maintenance

Within Nottingham city

Within Nottinghamshire county

Adjacent to trunk roads (including A52, A543 and A46)

Get in touch and let us know about any ongoing issues or fundamental design problems.

Tramlines/cycle accidents on tram tracks

Nottingham's trams are brilliant, but their slippery rails create an extra hazard for people cycling.

Advice for cycling and tram lines

  • Advice on cycling and tram tracks from NET (tram operator)

Report your tramline cycling accident

Pedals has been asking people to report any cycle accidents around tramlines to build up a true picture of the problem.

Inconsiderate/dangerous parking

Within Nottingham city

  • Call Parking Services on 0115 876 1444

Within Nottinghamshire county

By buses, taxis or company vehicles

Persistent problems

Cycle facilities

Cycle routes/journey planning
Cycle hire

We keep this information as up to date as we can, but may not be aware of all the hire options available, or providers.

Cycle parking
Recycling old bikes

We try and keep this information up to date, but may not be aware of all options especially any new schemes.

  • Nottingham Bikeworks
    A not-for-profit community bike recycling and educational project in Nottingham, offering refurbished bike sales, repairs & spares, courses, events and more.
    Donated bikes are refurbished or used for parts and used as part of our community courses supporting different groups such as jobseekers, asylum seekers and young people in needd of support or they are sold to fund our community projects.
  • Nottingham Fixers (Website)
    The rejuvenated Nottingham Fixers are a band of volunteers who want to change the culture from ‘if it’s broken then chuck it’, to ‘if it’s broken let’s fix it.’ And we like to have a cuppa and cake while we’re doing it!
  • Cycle Saviours
    Supporting a local charity based in West Bridgford – The Friary – that works to end homelessness. If you have an unwanted bicycle and would like to donate it to benefit a good cause, get in touch with Graham on 0115 9864342 or
Learning to cycle or improving confidence
Cycle training/maintenance classes

We aim to keep this information as up to date as possible but may not be aware of all the options, especially new courses.

  • Ridewise
    RideWise works to help train and educate people about cycling – whether they’re budding novices or experienced riders. RideWise offers practical cycle training and cycle maintenance classes.
  • Nottingham Bikeworks
    A not-for-profit community bike recycling and educational project in Nottingham, offering refurbished bike sales, repairs & spares, courses, events and more.
    Nottingham Bikeworks offers a wide range of cycle mainentance courses, including women-only courses and Brompton maintenance.
Social rides

Local decisionmaking bodies

Highways England

Highways England is responsible for motorways and trunk roads and cycle facilities adjacent to these.

Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council is responsible for cycling schemes within the city itself.

Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottingshamshire County Council are responsible for cycling schemes within Nottinghamshire county.

Nottingham Enterprise Zone

Enterprise Zones are dedicated areas that provide tax breaks and Government support in order to try and enable local economic growth.

The Nottingham Enterprise Zone is comprised of part of the Boots site and three other smaller sites – the Beeston Business Park, the Nottingham Science Park and the MediPark site (at Queens Medical Centre) which together make up 286 acres (116 hectares).

There are 5 new cycle routes planned as part of this development, more information here.

HS2 Hub Growth Zone

The proposed HS2 Hub Growth Zone has implications for cycling infrastructure throughout the Chilwell/Toton/Stanton area. See section 3.6 of the East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy document here.

D2N2 Area

D2N2 is the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) for Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

D2N2’s over-arching target is to support the creation of 55,000 new jobs in D2N2 by 2023. The majority of these jobs will be in the private sector.

The LEP is led and governed by a private sector-led Board made up of local business leaders, local authorities, skills and training providers, community and voluntary services organisations, and other sectors. It works with councils within the LEP area.

It's envisaged that Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire will have a combined Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

Cycling Development Group (CDG)

The CDG is a cycling forum attended by representatives from Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Highways England, Nottinghamshire Police, Pedals, Risewise and Sustrans East Midlands.

Partners engage in developing cycling strategy, infrastructure and projects across the Nottingham travel-to-work and housing-market area.

A representative attends on behalf of Pedals.

Greater Nottingham Light Rapid Transit Advisory Committee

This is a committee which meets 4 times a year to advise in issues related to the Nottingham tram system. A representative attends on behalf of Pedals.

Link to more information here.


Sustrans are a charity who promote walking and cycling, and manage and maintain the National Cycle Network. They also raise funds by doing paid consultancy work for councils.

Link to Sustrans website here.