Pop-up Cycle Lanes, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and School Streets Planned for Nottingham

Ambitious plans have Pedals’ full backing

Nottingham City Council have submitted a bid to the Emergency Active Travel Fund. Until now, we didn’t know exactly what was in the bid, but are very pleased to say the plans are ambitious, involving meaningful reallocation of roadspace to cycling and walking.

Pedals fully supports these ambitious plans. Nottingham has one of the lowest levels of car ownership outside of London, and one of the highest public transport modal shares in the country. These changes mean that many in our city who would usually travel by public transport can continue to travel without having to use public transport. While social distancing is needed to keep people healthy, it’s important that people can still move about the city without resorting to private motor cars. It’s a question of fairness and a commitment to a healthy, sustainable, active city.

Support the plans to make sure they happen

We need our as many people as possible to get behind the plans and champion them.

We need to make sure that politicians hear from people who welcome these schemes, because you can be sure that people who object will not be shy about speaking up! Change is often seen as a threat and these sorts of schemes can prompt backlash. We need politicians to view these schemes as being welcome, positive developments with plenty of vocal support.

(Now is not the time to nitpick, it will take very little to derail these good schemes. There will be a second phase of funding intended to refine and make sucessful schemes permanent where we can provide constructive feedback.)

Our guide to what and where

We’ve taken a look at the plans and marked the approximate locations on maps below. We’ve even turned a few of them into nice graphics.

Sherwood and Carrington

Cycling and walking will be prioritised on the high street in Sherwood and Carrington by creating popup protected cycle lanes.

Trent Bridge

Converting a traffic lane to a pop-up protected cycle lane.

Victoria Embankment

Closing the road through Victoria Embankment park to motor traffic so that people can walk, cycle, scoot, jog and enjoy being outdoors in this beautiful park.

Hucknall Road

Protected space for cycling provided along Hucknall Road. Route from Bulwell towards Nottingham City Hospital and the ring road.

St Ann’s Wells Road

Protected cycle lanes, narrowing radiuses at side roads, up to Ransom Road.

Carlton/Porchester Roads

Protected cycle lanes on busy route into city centre, through high streets and shops.

Canal Street

Protected cycle lanes from the existing Castle Boulevard route along Canal Street to the BBC island.

Derby Road Low Traffic Neighborhood and Protected Cycle Lane

Protected cycle route on the route towards Canning Circus. And a low traffic neighborhood created in the streets north of Derby Road to prevent rat running motor traffic.

Arboretum Low Traffic Neighborhood

A series of one way streets and point closures to connect with the A60 Mansfield road cycle corridor proposal.

School Streets x 10

10 school streets to be implemented within 8 weeks. Enabling more children and families to walk and cycle to school.

Thane Road

Removing on street car parking and replacing it with a protected cycle lane.

Ring Road – Middleton Boulevard

Converting one of the two slip lanes to a protected cycle lane.

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