Broadmarsh: Where are the Bike Paths? Take Action Now!

We’ve written about the plans for the major road changes planned for the Broadmarsh redevelopment and we need your help to make them better.

We need you to contact your local councillors and tell them that you – 

  • Strongly support removing private motor traffic from Canal Street
  • Want protected cycle paths included as part of this multi million pound scheme
  • Think that asking people to choose between riding on the road with lots of buses or on the pavement with lots of people walking is poor, out-of-date design
  • These plans won’t help the Council meet its own cycling targets
  • They need to design for cycling from the outset, because the implications of these decisions will last for years and years

Write your message in your own words

Talk about your own experiences of cycling in Nottingham. Think about your friends and family members who don’t cycle. Would this scheme make them any more likely to cycle?

You can also send them this link to Pedals’ comments here.

Do you live in Nottingham City?

How to contact your councillors

  • Email your councillor here
  • Attend your councillor’s surgery (a face-to-face meeting can make a big impact)
  • Contact your councillor on social media

Contact your Nottingham City councillors now

Do you live outside Nottingham City?

The D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership is part funding this scheme, your County and Borough Council Councillors are part of this organisation. Please write to your councillors to influence the scheme.

Who should I write to?

1) Click on the button above to enter your postcode and write to your own Borough and County councillors.

2) Ask them to contact their council’s D2N2 representative (the person from their council who sits on one of the D2N2 boards, list below for names). Tell them that the Broadmarsh scheme is being part funded by the D2N2 Local Growth Fund, and you want them to ensure that the scheme includes bike paths (they don’t at the moment).

County Council D2N2 Representatives 

Nottinghamshire County – Cllr Kay Cutts & Cllr Reg Adair are part of the D2N2 Infrastructure and Investment Board

Derbyshire County – Cllr Tony King & Cllr Barry Lewis are part of the D2N2 Infrastructure and Investment Board

Borough Council D2N2 Representatives 

Rushcliffe Borough – Cllr Simon Robinson is on the D2N2 Board

Erewash Borough – Cllr Carol Hart is part of the D2N2 Infrastructure and Investment Board

Gedling Borough – Cllr John Clarke is part of the D2N2 Infrastructure and Investment Board

Ashfield Borough – Cllr Jason Zadrozny is part of the D2N2 Infrastructure and Investment Board

Broxtowe Borough – Sorry, no-one from your council is on the D2N2 Infra and Investment Board/Board of D2N2

Contact your County and Borough councillors now

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