Say No To Bike Barriers

1. Write to your councillors today!

We need you to say to no to bike barriers today and prevent these new barriers from being installed.

2. Join our protest!

Join us at Wilford Lane tram stop on Saturday 4th May from 10.30am. Adapted cycles, recumbants, tandems and trailers especially welcome (please email if you have any concerns about getting here.)

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What are the plans?

You can view all 3 proposed barrier locations on a Google map here. Click on each ‘X’ to view detailed design plans.

What should I write?

Personal messages have more impact, even if short.

You could write about –

  • Your experiences of barriers and why you find you find them an inconvenience or why they make cycling difficult for you.
  • How these experiences makes you feel and their impact on you (especially if barriers prevent you from making journeys by cycling).

If you like, you can add that barriers –

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