New Central Library & Bus Station Plans – Background Info

This is some background information relevant to the blog post Secure Bike Parking Vanishes from New Central Library & Bus Station Plans.

What was on the site before?

  • Former Broadmarsh bus station and carpark (now demolished)
  • 1179 car parking spaces, secure cycle parking hub

Original planning application (approved Feb 2018, 17/02817/PFUL3)

  • To build a new bus station and car park with commercial space, travel centre, cycle hub and footbridge
  • Secure cycle hub with its own direct access from Collin Street (not via car entry and exit ramps)
  • 1373 car parking spaces

Ground Floor plan from original planning application, shows cycle hub.

Revised planning application (to be voted on the NCC Planning Committee on Wednesday 21.11.18, 18/02038/PFUL3)

  • There will now be a new Central Library inside the new building, “occupying the lower two floors of the building fronting Collin Street and the first floor fronting Carrington Street, above retail units below”.
  • 1208 car parking spaces (less than previous application but 29 more than demolished car park)
  • No secure cycle parking facility
  • No mention of cycle parking facilities except for the following vague statement-

7.8 “The library will take up the area proposed for the cycle hub, however cycle parking is still to be provided as part of the scheme. Conditions are recommended to secure the submission of details of the proposed cycle parking, parking for powered two wheelers and disabled parking bays, and their provision when the development is complete.” Section 7.8, Report to the Director of Planning and Regeneration – Broadmarsh Car Park, Collin Street

Ground Floor, revised plans with no cycle hub.

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