The New Broadmarsh Plans: Pedals’ View

The “Broadmarsh Gyratory” was recently voted the City Centre’s “Most Dangerous Cycling Blackspot” according to a survey by Pedals in June. I50 survey respondents gave us that feedback, so it will be interesting to hear their views on the new Broadmarsh Redevelopment Plans.

While there is much to be positive about in the new Plans, Pedals is very concerned about the apparent lack of detail regarding many facets of the new scheme. Below is a list of our specific concerns:
1) There appears to be ample room for bike parking under the NET bridge to site a substantial bike park on the East side of the new Broadmarsh. Cliff Road should be designated as a cycleway connection with the London Rd Roundabout and Eastern Corridor.
2) There is a need for a new road or shared path ramp going under the NET bridge to connect the Skills Hub to Middle Hill. This new road already appears in the Broadmarsh Plan. It would be good if we could get confirmation as to exactly its route and permitted use.
3) Bike parking inside the current Bus Station entrance off Carrington St needs to be supplemented by at least 20 on-street cycle hoops. Our preferred location is on the northern side of Collin St where most of the current bus shelters are located. These, we understand, are to be moved when general through traffic is diverted to the south of the Station (Queen’s Road etc.) and buses diverted to Canal Street.
4) the narrowing of Greyfriar Gate from 4 down to 2 lanes gives potential for a toucan crossing which could connect to the northern side of Castle Boulevard and then link to the Western Corridor. It’s not ideal but it would be an improvement on the current situation.
5) We accept that cyclists should not try to cycle through busy pedestrian areas and should also then be prepared to dismount. However, there should be no “cyclists dismount” signs, particularly in the new pedestrianised Collin St.
6) We need more detail as to the insertion of marked bus lanes in the area. While cyclists often find buses intimidating, bus drivers normally respect our road space. Though not ideal for many cyclists, bus lanes and bus stops along Canal St could help to link up the East and West Corridors.
7) Canal St will have much less traffic, making it easier to cross from Carrington St to Station St. This will make it easier for cyclists to connect to the City Centre from the south. We need to ensure that cycling on Carrington St continues to be permitted.
8) We need more detail as to where the entrance to the Broadmarsh Car Park is going to be located and how many cars will be able to queue while waiting to enter. This potentially affects air quality in the area.
9) The route for cars accessing Fletcher Gate from the south needs to be clarified. In the new plan, it appears that vehicles will have to cross the pedestrianised area at the intersection of Collin St and Middle Hill. Drivers may also make sudden, erratic decisions to switch from joining a queue to enter Broadmarsh Car Park, to head for the Fletcher Gate Car Park instead. This potentially leaves both pedestrians and cyclists at risk.
10) When the Peoples’ College site west of Maid Marian Way is redeveloped following the completion of the Skills Hub we should press for a continuous safe link across the bottom of Maid Marian Way between Castle Road (Castle Boulevard) and the west side of the Broadmarsh Centre / bottom of Listergate, with more cycle parking.

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