The Most Dangerous Roads for Cyclists in Nottingham – What You Told Us

We would like to thank everyone who responded to our recent survey, each giving us up to 3 locations in Greater Nottingham which they find particularly dangerous to use as cyclists.

Within 2 weeks over 150 responses were received, mainly from Pedals members, followed by readers of the Nottingham Post and West Bridgford Wire, and via @leftlion on Twitter. The 150 respondents collectively identified 54 danger points in total. Of these, 17 blackspots were mentioned at least 10 times. The 10 Most Dangerous areas were found to be:

  1. Trent Bridge
  2. Mansfield Road
  3. West Bridgford (many danger points)
  4. Broadmarsh, Canal St, Collin St area
  5. London Road (BBC rdbt to Trent Bridge)
  6. Lady Bay Bridge
  7. Lower Parliament St/ BBC Island
  8. Northern sections of Ring Road
  9. A610 Nuthall Road/ Alfreton Rd
  10. Any Road or cycleway shared with a tram line

A Pedals spokesperson said “Most of the people responding to the survey were clearly confident, experienced road users, using their bikes for commuting from all over the conurbation. We are alarmed at the depth of feeling expressed by many about the dangers on roads which Pedals has been seeking improvements for many years.” 

The problems most frequently cited occur when a confluence of roads forces cyclists into middle lanes squeezed by traffic on either side. These are pinch-points where vehicles deny cyclists space to switch lanes safely. This happens particularly on the southern side of Trent Bridge, at many points along Mansfield Road, and in all lanes around the Broadmarsh Car Park/Bus Station.

The survey is very much a wake-up call for Nottingham City Council and the County Council: most of the blackspots occur in locations which are not priorities in the City Cycling Ambition Plan and the south side of Trent Bridge isn’t even mentioned in the West Bridgford Cycle Network Strategy.

Pedals’ most imminent concern is the success with which cyclists needs are accommodated within the new plans for the Broadmarsh, Canal St, Collin St area.

  • Heading south on Radmarsh Rd as it crosses Derby Rd (drivers turning right across your path don't expect emerging cyclists and don't give priority resulting in fairly terrifying near misses)
  • London Road towards the BBC roundabout
  • Collin St/Canal St/Castle Blvd - The western corridor disappears just before the loop around broad marsh bus station.
  • Crossing from lady bay bridge onto meadow lane
  • Train station to West Bridgford is awful!
  • mansfield road past the forest
  • A60/a52 roundabout between west bridgford and ruddington
  • from trent bridge onto London road (into town) traversing lanes across the bridge
  • Mansfield road junction with Forest Road
  • Anywhere with a tram line
  • Junction Melton Road/Loughborough Road/Wilford Lane end of suspension bridge crossing to West Bridgford
  • Trent Bridge turning right from Radcliffe Road then having to cross over the traffic from the slip road in front of County Hall
  • A610 alfreton road bewteen intersection with gregory boulevard and aspley lane
  • Literally every junction with a "bike box" at the front, that you can't access because the road is too narrow and there are no bike lanes to get to them.
  • London road roundabout
  • Exiting the cycle superhighway in town. It just stops! Where are you supposed to go if you want to access, say, London Road end of Canal Street
  • Junction melton Road/Loughborough Rd/Wilford lane in West bridgford. Traffic in left lane on melton Rd should go left but only told this by paint on road surface which could be covered by a car.
  • A610 between ring road and phoenix park
  • Mansfield Road, between Sherwood shops and Hucknall Road junction inbound
  • London Rd & Crossing Trent Bridge in either direction
  • Loughborough Rd, Wilford Rd, Melton Rd junction. Particularly bad when approaching from Wilford Suspension Bridge - a major cycling route.
  • A60 Nottingham Knight Roundabout
  • The roundabout where the A606 Melton road crosses the A52
  • Ladybay bridge junction with meadow lane
  • Davies Road, West Bridgford - the horrendous bike path exit at the Radcliffe Road end and so many close passes in the morning because of the parked cars and people using it as a rat run
  • Machine Mart Corner
  • Castle Blvd/Castle Bridge Rd junction - heading west on Castle Blvd the lights go green for going straight (cars and cyclists) but stay red for turning left onto Castle Bridge Rd
  • Trent Bridge/London Road - Trent Bridge is horrible to cross on bike, but is the most direct route for most of west Bridgford. It's six-lanes wide, one of these should be converted into a cycle track, all the way into the city.
  • Newly created pedestrian island and right hand turning into new Llidl on carlton hill road leading to loss of cycle and bus lane - compressing the traffic into 1 lane
  • A60 Trent Bridge crossing from the West Bridgford side over towards the city. There's a merging lane of traffic coming from the left which cyclists must cross in order to get to the left hand lane.
  • Access to Phoenix Park from A610 westbound
  • Radcliffle Rd East bound from Trent Bridge to Regatta Way Junction
  • Canal Street / Collin Street