What is Pedals?

    or download from
    www.pedals.org.uk/files/File/Pedals%20Poster1.pdf and
    www.pedals.org.uk/files/File/Pedals%20Poster2.pdf Pedals is a member of Cyclenation (the former Cycle Campaigns Network) and also works closely with the CTC (national cyclists’ organisation) and Sustrans:

    We also work closely with other cycle campaign groups and individual cycle campaigners in the East Midlands, through the informal East Midlands Cyclists Forum, with occasional meetings as well as email contact and exchanges of information between the meetings. For more information see the EMCF pages on this site: http://www.pedals.org.uk/east_midlands_cyclists_forum 

    • Pedals was founded in 1979 to encourage more people to use bikes and to campaign for safer and more attractive conditions for cyclists in the Nottingham area
    • Pedals has helped to get Nottingham one of the country’s largest network of urban cycle routes and is pressing for many more facilities, especially in and across the City Centre and the north side of Nottingham, as well as linking better to nearby countryside
    • Pedals has helped to get hundreds of cycle stands installed locally
      and also cycle lockers at several locations
    • Pedals campaigns for better surfaces on roads and cycle paths and for prompter attention to defects including vandalised signs and broken glass


  • Click here to download a copy of two different Pedals poster designs