Proposed Traffic Regulation Order – Church Street, Basford (TMP 7288): message of 23 Nov 2018 from Aimi Ducker, City Council

comments from Andrew Martin submitted on behalf of Pedals in November 2018 and forwarded to me only on 11 January 2019:
Hello Hugh

I am forwarding a copy of the brief email I sent to Aimi.

Best wishes, Andrew

—– Forwarded message —–

From: Andrew Martin

To: Aimi Ducker <>

Sent: Wednesday, 28 November 2018, 09:46:28 GMT

Subject: Re: Proposed Traffic Regulation Order – Church Street, Basford (TMP 7288)

Hello Aimi

Thanks for the helpful email which answers my query regarding the bus stop.

Best wishes


Secretary, Nottingham Pedals

On Wednesday, 28 November 2018, 09:39:32 GMT, Aimi Ducker <> wrote:

Hi Andrew
Thank you for contacting us regarding the proposed improvements to Church Street, Basford which subject to the outcome of the consultation, should vastly enhance the cycling provision in this area.  We are looking to further enhance the River Leen cycle corridor and are currently looking at improvements to Lincoln Street northbound as part of a future phase of works.

Regarding the Church Street bus stop, I can confirm that the one adjacent to the ‘no-entry’ point on Church Street (ref BA27) was removed earlier this year in readiness for the cycle improvements. This stop was relocated NW of its current position, as shown on the attached plan.

There are no plans to alter any of the other bus stops along Church Street as part of these proposals.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.
Regards, Aimi

comments from Susan Young received on 10 Jan (long after the deadline for responses)

The junctions involved can be very busy and complex so I hope that sightlines for cyclists as well as drivers are maintained. It looks no worse than the rest of the poor ring road cycling provision.

I am also concerned what happens after getting across Vernon Road (going north), as there is also a gap in provision until Scotland Road, especially with potential increased number of cyclists. The pavement is narrow and there is a busy garage and associated shop.

I am sorry that I am somewhat negative but it is all so much a third rate afterthought on which should be a high quality cycle route. It had the potential to be a realistic alternative to driving for so many but as it has been done without quality design and thought, is not well used with a significant proportion of cyclists still using the road.

I really feel concerned that such cycle facilities do nothing to promote cycling as transport being slow, convoluted and stressful. I do worry to that some may feel that a route has been provided and get a misplaced sense that it may be ‘safe’