Pedals comments on Nottm City Council Planning Application 18/01354/POUT: Island Site

Island Site planning application Planning Application 18/01354/POUT:
Comments from Pedals (Nottingham Cycling Campaign), July 2018

Our comments focus on the proposed cycle links in the proposals which are generally very welcome, especially the improved east-west connections. In general the pedestrian and cycle improvements proposed will result in distinctly improved permeability and connectivity, and a general reduction of motor vehicle dominance on the site.

Particularly welcome is the new east-west route through the proposed linear park towards the south of the site (and just north of the Heritage buildings.). We are glad also that the existing City Link cycle path is to be retained though this much needs to be brought up to current City Council design standards, as used recently on the enhanced cycle path on Manvers Street and Daleside Road (Eastern Cycle Corridor). All these will also help provide safer and more attractive cycling and walking access not just to the various existing and proposed new housing developments between Daleside Road and the River Trent in the Waterside Regeneration Area, but also, in due course, to our proposed foot-cycle bridge between Trent Basin and Lady Bay.

The most important further connection we would like to see (though, we realise, involving some land outside the site) is to improve connectivity between the west and south-west sides of the site and the canal towpath, including a proper ramp to and from the towpath by the north end of London Road and ideally also a direct link to and from the west side of the canal basin to connect with the rest of the wider towpath (and Big Track route) to and from Carrington Street etc. It would also help, if the Canal and River Trust agree, if this could include some widening of the narrower part of the towpath close to where it passes under London Road.

Improved pedestrian and cycle links between the site and the east end of Canal Street also depend on the details of the proposed diversion of general through traffic from Canal Street to Queen’s Road etc, as part of the Broad Marsh redevelopment traffic proposals and just what residual (motor) traffic, e.g. for local business access as well as buses (and bikes) is still allowed to use that route.

The proposed new links will improve cycle and pedestrian access to and from Station Street and the north side of the Station but it would also be helpful if, at least as part of a subsequent highway scheme, these could be extended over the London Road railway bridge to improve access to and from the EMT Cycle Hub in the ground floor of the Station Multi-Storey Car Park. The case for providing much safer pedestrian and cycle links on this already very busy road will be all the greater when general through traffic is diverted to it from Canal Street.

The detailed layout of the proposed new motor vehicle access point on the SE corner of the site (Manvers Street) will need to have careful regard to the safety of cyclists and pedestrians crossing nearby, including those using the new Manvers Street toucan crossing at the junction with Sneinton Hermitage and the west end of the Sneinton Greenway.

Hugh McClintock
For Pedals, 26.7.18