Local trunk road cycling issues raised with Highways England at the liaison meeting at Loxley House on 17 July 2018

[Email from Hugh McClintock <hugh.mcclintock@ntlworld.com> to Dale Swain <Dale.Swain@highwaysengland.co.uk>]


As you requested at our HE local trunk roads cycling issues meeting today here is a note to confirm some of the points I raised on behalf of Pedals :-

  • A52: We welcome in principle for the proposed safety scheme between the QMC roundabout and Priory Island, while we await the opportunity, at our next Pedals meeting, to discuss the proposed details and the need to see the need for this scheme in the wider context of improving cycling provision all along the A52 between the QMC island and the proposed HS2 East Midlands Hub site at Toton.
  • A52: We look forward to the implementation of the cycle path improvements on the west side of Clifton Boulevard between the QMC Island and The Dunkirk flyover island, and would emphasise the importance of ensuring cyclist priority at all the minor road crossings, with raised cycle paths across the mouth of the junctions, and for these to be clearly marked and consistent with the recent City Council cycle path improvements including the use of green surfaces
  • A52 (Gamston to Radcliffe on Trent): We would like to stress the need for greatly improved cycle path maintenance, upgrading this much degraded path to current HE cycling design standards, and reducing the speed limit from 70mph to help cyclists feel less intimidated when using it, a path that will be of increasing importance with the implementation of several major housing schemes in the vicinity.
  • A52 (Gamston to Radcliffe on Trent): We would like to emphasise the need, in HE plans for the Stragglethorpe Junction, to improve access to the Holme House toucan crossing, especially on the Cotgrave side, and also to ensure a safer crossing for cyclists on Stragglethorpe Road when they cross from the shared path on one side to the other.
  • A52 (Gamston to Radcliffe on Trent): the need to ensure improved cycling provision in the detailed plans for the Gamston roundabout when available
  • A52 (Gamston to Lings Bar): the need to provide a much safer crossing, preferably a new foot-cycle bridge, to connect Tollerton and other nearby villages with Edwalton and West Bridgford, etc., including the proposed new foot-cycle bridge connecting Lady Bay with Trent Basin and cycle routes north of the Trent.
  • A52 (Gamston to Lings Bar): the need to provide much safer crossing arrangements at the Lings Bar junction, connecting to the new cycling provision near the A606 in the Edwalton area and on the A606 east of the junction
  • A52 (Lings Bar to Nottingham Knight A60 junction): upgrading of the subway off Landmere Lane etc. south of Sharp Hill with improved links to and from, and through, the major new housing developments to the north and east, and to and from Ruddington, and helping to improve cycle access for Rushcliffe School staff and students.
  • A453: the need for a toucan crossing to ensure safer cyclist and pedestrian access on the east side of the new Mill Hill roundabout, connecting the shared paths by the NET Terminus Park and Ride site access road with the signed route on the north side of the roundabout, including the extended cycle path to and from Clifton, and the signed route to and from Barton-in-Fabis and Thrumpton via the old A453.
  • A453: the need for cycling provision between Wilford / Clifton and East Midlands Airport to include signing of Sustrans National Cycle Network route 15, and to have regard to the current Sustrans NCN Review.
  • A453: the need for a less circuitous and awkward cycle path layout where the cycle path crosses Garret Grove, with the layout modified to be consistent with current Nottingham City Council standards.
  • A453: the importance of improving trunk road cycling provision on the south side of Clifton Lane, between the Silverdale roundabout and Clifton Bridge.

We would be very willing to discuss any of these suggestions in more detail with you and your colleagues, at your convenience

Best wishes,
For Pedals