Highway’s England’s proposals for the A52 Nottingham Knight and Wheatcroft Roundabouts – Comments from Pedals

Pedals comments following the Public Information Events and the Pedals monthly meeting of 21 January 2019:

  • The proposals represent a good basis on which to begin, with some recognition at long last of the importance of including cycle and pedestrian facilities at these junction.
  • At both roundabouts the off-road shared path cum toucan crossings need to be extended, e.g. between the A606 (Edwalton side) and Flawforth Lane at the Wheatcroft roundabout.
  • For most cyclists the provision of traffic signals on all arms of both junctions would do much to improve their feelings of safety, but all the more if these can be combined with Advance Stop Lines and good approach cycle lanes, well-marked and well-enforced.
  • Less confident and experienced cyclists may be more inclined to take the traffic-free path, along with pedestrians, even if this involves a substantial time penalty.
  • There seems to be have been no thought given to some important cycle movements through the junctions, e.g. how westbound cyclists from Tollerton can most safely continue towards Edwalton and West Bridgford on the NW side of the Wheatcroft Junction.
  • It is very important to include, at least as a longer-term related scheme, the longstanding Pedals aspiration for the upgrading of the existing subway under the A52 south of Sharp Hill as part of the ‘active travel’ provision in this area and, with improved connections, especially through the major new housing areas to the north (Edwalton side) providing further safe options for cyclists and pedestrians between Ruddington and West Bridgford, including those in the east side of West Bridgford in the Gamston area and planned new housing areas between Tollerton and Bassingfield, etc. South of the subway cyclists could use the quieter roads to and from Ruddington, but with a toucan crossing of the A60 which is very busy and dangerous to cross.
  • The bulk of the Ruddington population is to the west of the A60 and their residents, including secondary school children who attend schools in West Bridgford should also be able to cycle / walk a more direct route as should West Bridgford residents going the other way. From Ruddington, people are unlikely, without a toucan crossing, to cross the A60 to access the cycle/pedestrian link to the east of the Roundabout between Landmere Lane and the east side of the A60 north of the roundabout, though that will also be useful.
  • We have for some years been very much aware of the aspiration of Rushcliffe School to encourage more cycling and walking to school by staff and students, including an upgraded route through the subway under the A52 at Sharp Hill. We therefore very much endorse the comments made to you on 22 February 2019 by Robin Harrison, Facilities & Resources Manager, Rushcliffe School.
  • It would be very helpful in due course to have a special meeting with HE (and the County Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council) to discuss cycling and pedestrian provision in more detail.