Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I get good advice on cycle parking?

Answer: The best cycle racks to use are those of the ‘Sheffield’ type, i.e. inverted U-Shape, but these must be carefully installed to permit two bikes to be attached to each stand (with stands no less than 1m apart) and with enough space to the front and rear of each bike to make it easy to get bikes in and out easily. Having undercover storage is also a benefit.
For good advice on how to install stands properly we would particularly commend these documents:-
a) The Cycle Parking guide produced by the Cambridge Cycling Campaign and downloadable from their website at
b) The Sustrans Cycle Parking information sheet downloadable at

Question: How can I join Pedals?

Answer: You can join Pedals either online with PayPal, or by Standing Order.  To join online click here.  The form to setup a standing order can be downloaded here.

Question: Who do I contact if I want to receive copies of the agendas, background notes for and minutes of Pedals monthly meetings, as well as other updates?

Answer: Contact Hugh McClintock:

Question: How do I report a pothole or other maintenance problem with a cycle route or highway?

Answer: See the links on the left of the Pedals home page at

Question: Who do I contact to report incidents of obstructive car parking?

Answer: Any specific examples of these issues in Nottingham City should be sent to Community Protection:

Question: How do I get a copy of the Nottingham Cycle map?

Answer: See the information at

Free copies of the cycle map can be collected from a variety of locations including libraries, leisure centres and the Tourism Information Office in Market Square.
They would also be happy to send you one out – please email or call 0115 876 3942 with your details.
This page also has a link to an electronic version of the map.

See also the Books and Maps pages of the Pedals website at

Question: Who do I contact in the City and County Councils about a cycling facility or other traffic scheme?

Answer: Nottingham City Council:
John Bann, Cycling and Public Space Transformation Manager,
Or Keith Morgan, Transport Strategy,

Nottinghamshire County Council:
Paul Hillier,

Please copy any emails you send to

Question: Where can I park my bike at Nottingham Station?

Answer: Try the cycle stands located near the underside of the Tram overbridge on the Queens’s Road side of the Station, a bit east of the escalator to and from the concourse:

Secure Bike Compound on the Station Street side, i.e. N. side, accessible with a Citycard:

Information on Citycards at

In case of problems with the gates not working properly contact Russ Morton at the City Council:

Cycle Hub (East Midlands Trains), on the Queen’s Road (S side of the Station), operated by Russell’s Bike Shed
See the information at
Or email

Question: Where can I hire a bike in Nottingham?

Answer: Currently (February 2018) you can rent a bike via the Citycard cycle scheme

However, please note that a completely new public hire scheme, probably involving Dockless hire, is likely to be launched later in 2018.

Question: Where do I report bike accidents with tram tracks?

Answer: Please report the full details to the local police station and also via this link on the Pedals website:

Question: Where can I get advice on cyclist training and bike maintenance?

Answer: Have a look at the Ridewise website at

Question: Where else locally can I get information on bike maintenance and Drop-In bike workshops?

Answer: Try Nottingham Bikeworks, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, who run a wide range of activities from their base at Units 1-3 Ayr Street Workshops, Ayr Street, Nottingham NG7 4FX, tel: (0115) 979 2433, email:

Question: Where can I find out about the Cycle Saviour Bike Maintenance sessions in The Meadows?

Answer: Contact Graham Lansdell, the Organiser, email:

Graham is also involved in the new Nottingham Fixers Group, based in Sherwood, which helps recycle bikes as well as other things: They can be followed via Facebook:

Question: Where can I find a list of local bike shops, including a note of those willing to give discount to Pedals members on production of membership cards?

Answer: See

Question: Where can I find out about free guided bike rides in the Nottingham area?

Answer: See the details of the rides run by Ridewise at

Question: How can I find out about the Nottinghamshire CTC?

Answer: Contact the Secretary, Terry Scott,

Question: How can I find out about the Cycle Live (Great Nottinghamshire Bike Rides) rides in June including how to register?

Answer: Visit the Cycle Live website at

Question: Who should I contact if I have a complaint about being hassled by a driver when riding my bike or want advice about recording such incident on my helmet camera?

Answer: Contact Inspector Paul Matthew at Nottinghamshire Constabulary, email:

Question: What is “The CDG”?

The CDG, often referred to in discussions at our monthly meetings, is the Greater Nottingham Cycle Development Group’, founded in June 2007, which meets every 2 months.
It has 2 representatives from Pedals, alongside representatives of Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Highways England, Nottinghamshire Police, Ridewise and Sustrans East Midlands. It is currently chaired by Gary Smerdon-White of Ridewise.
CDG Objectives
To provide a regular forum where partners across the Nottingham travel to work area or housing market area, who can deliver or influence cycling interventions, can engage in the development of cycling strategy, infrastructure, service and support projects through: –

a. Consultation between Councils, other infrastructure developers and service providers with local cycling interest groups on cycling projects including major land developments which could have an impact on cycling

b. Identification of joint working or funding opportunities

c. Regular updates from local authorities on projects, their plans and progress

d. Provision of national and international intelligence from cycling interest groups where appropriate

e. Feedback from cycling interest groups on delivered projects

f. Joint lobbying to influence local, regional and national strategy, funding and proposals to the benefit of the local area

g. Promotion of developments through all our local and extended networks

h. Engagement of a wide range of partners in our local communities including schools and employers

Chair, with effect from September 2018, is Matt Easter, Regional Director of Sustrans, with Dave Clasby, Sustrans East Midlands Partnership Development Manager, as Vice-Chair.

NB See also the Cycling Pages on the Nottingham City Council website and the Nottinghamshire County Council website.

FINALLY – Other queries on local cycling
If there is anything else you want to know about cycling locally not included above do email Pedals at
However, in doing so, please bear in mind that we are just a group of volunteers so bear with us if we are not able to respond to our query for some time! Thanks