Formal Consultation Documents, TMP 7196 – North-South City Centre Cycle Route, Nottingham – response from Pedals (19 Oct)

[Copy of email sent to Sean Bluett <>, 19 Oct 2016]

We discussed these revised proposals at the Pedals monthly meeting on Monday and would like to make the following comments.

In general we very much welcome the proposed enhancements to this route, especially the provision of more contraflow access, for which we have been pressing for many years and the need for which we pointed out in the site visit by bike which we arranged back in 2007 to discuss various city centre cycling issues. It is however very important that other road users are well aware of the likely presence of cyclists riding in both directions, including when they enter this route from side streets such as Oxford Street and Regent Street, where the approaches are quite steep and drivers therefore more tempted to pull out across the give way line to wait where it is a bit flatter, and they have more visibility.

There are also concerns about the details of the contraflow arrangements on section of The Ropewalk near The Ropewalk House with angled car parking. While we welcome the recent change to encourage drivers to park facing outwards, to reduce their risk of conflicts with oncoming cyclists, we would like to know please just how this is going to be enforced. We would also like to see more consideration of the potential for putting the contraflow cycle lane behind the car parking bays.

While appreciating that this route will be a useful link between Canning Circus and the east end of Castle Boulevard, with its new cycle path and access via the toucan crossing by the Brewhouse Yard Museum, we do object to the apparent lack of any proposed safe cycling link between the south end of Castle Road and areas to the south and east, including Wilford Street and the canal towpath near the County Archives. The towpath is a very important route so safer links in this area are also vital.

We would be very happy to discuss these comments in more detail, should you so wish.

Best wishes
Hugh McClintock
for Pedals