East Midlands Trains Cycling Issues – Nottingham Station etc.

East Midlands Trains now have a dedicated ‘Cycles’ page on their website:


This includes a section on Cycle Hubs, featuring their recently completed projects at Sheffield and Leicester Stations. The much delayed one for Nottingham Station is now mentioned as “coming in Autumn 2014”, i.e. not the ‘Summer 2014’ which they proclaimed on their displays about further stages of the Station redevelopment when the new refurbished concourse opened some months ago.

Nottingham Station Secure Bike Park to be expanded in Spring 2014 – Give us your ideas please!

We are particularly keen to get suggestions from users of the Secure Bike Compound at Nottingham Station, opened in July 2010, for things people would like to see in the expansion due to go ahead early in 2014 when the current temporary ticket offices moves back into the main Station Building.

Please let us know what extra facilities you would like to see, as well as any other comments with regard to these aspects:

  • security and lighting
  • spacing between bikes
  • cycling maps and other information panels
  • other facilities e.g. washing and changing

Please send any suggestions to contact@pedals.org.uk

East Midlands Trains Cycling Issues – Background

In January 2007 Pedals, on behalf of the East Midlands Cyclists’ Forum, helped arrange a meeting with East Midlands Trains to discuss various cycling issues.

A report of this meeting can be downloaded from here.

Cycle access to Stations

Better cycle access to and from local Stations is also very important and we have put forward several suggestions for improving this, e.g. for Nottingham Station in particular, but also for Beeston Station, including improvements to the alignment of Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 6 which passes close by.

Cycle carriage on trains

A cycle reservation form can be completed by filling in the online form at the bottom of the EMT website contact page.

EMT trains can carry two cycles per train but please note that their London and Liverpool to Norwich services require cycle reservations.

Please note, on weekends at least 48 hours notice is required to book a space as forms cannot be processed on Saturdays and Sundays. If you require a booking less than 48 hours in advance or for further information, please call EMT Customer Relations team on 08457 125 678.

Where reservations are not required, bikes are carried at the train staff’s discretion. Folding cycles can be carried on all trains provided they can be safely stowed in the luggage racks.

For further information on Bikes and Trains issues contact Dave Holladay of Transport Management Solutions who works with CTC on public transport.
His email address is: dave.holladay@ctc.org.uk

For information on cycle parking at bus stations and bus stops see the Cycle Parking Info section of the website: http://www.pedals.org.uk/city_cycle_lockers

  • security (of bikes and of bike compound users, e.g. after dark)
  • information on contacts to report any incidents of theft and vandalism
  • the design and layout of the compound, including the adequacy of the spacing between the cycle stands
  • publicity and promotion, including adequacy of signing of the compound both within and outside the Station
  • safety and convenience of access routes for cyclists to and from the Station, in different directions
  • other measures to encourage cycling which could be promoted, especially as part of the wider Station Redevelopment Plans (“The Hub”) due for completion in Autumn 2014.

Please send any suggestions to contact@pedals.org.uk

For full information on the cycling carriage policies of the different rail operators get a copy of this leaflet, revised annually, and available at local stations, or visit the National Rail inquiries website at:

East Midlands Trains Rail Cycle Strategy, 2013, can be downloaded here