East Midlands Cyclists Forum

EMCF 2014 – East Midlands Cyclists Forum meets in Nottingham

35 people attended the East Midlands Cyclists’ Forum at the Trent Bridge Inn on the morning of Saturday 18 October, followed by a special ride in the afternoon to show our visitors some of our local campaigning issues, particularly with regard to the NET extensions.


The EMCF was founded in 2006 by the former Chair of the Derby Cycling Group, John Stubbs, to encourage local campaigners to meet and discuss good and bad practice in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, including lots of time to chat, a meal and a ride for those who can stay on for the afternoon.

The EMCF has since met at roughly yearly intervals, usually hosted by one of the region’s local campaign groups, especially those in Derby, Nottingham, Chesterfield and Leicester. There used to be a group in Lincoln but this is now defunct.

However, a new and very active group, the Derwent Valley Cycling Group, has started in the Belper area, and have ambitious plans for a route connecting Derby with Cromford and Matlock and the expanding network of routes in the Peak District National Park and surrounding area. We much welcome this group and their ambitious plans!

Our recent meeting had a presentation, from Peak Cycle Links, on the ambitious plans for the Pedal Peak Project, expanding and connecting the Tissington, High Peak and Monsal Trails, and linking them to Cromford, Matlock and Buxton stations, as well providing better routes to and from Sheffield and Manchester.

We also had some up to date information on these plans from the lead authority, Derbyshire County Council. These are soon to be implemented by a range of partners including the Peak National Park and other local authorities as well as Sustrans.

Gwyneth McMinn, Regional Network Development Manager for Sustrans, was in fact the first speaker of the meeting, showing how much Sustrans are now involved in a range of project throughout the region and often very overstretched in doing this and having enough time always to engage in detailed local consultation. The contacts made at this meeting should certainly help.

Later in the morning there were updates from the various local campaign groups which gave a useful opportunity to discuss each other’s concerns. Also at this meeting were a lot of people who volunteer as Sustrans local rangers, keeping an eye on the state of their local National Cycle Network routes, as well as other related local issues. Their presence was also very welcome and contributed much to the success of the event.

Many thanks to all who came and particular thanks to the many Pedals people, especially Susan Young, who helped organise the very enjoyable day, and to Andrew Martin who organised the celebration birthday cake!


More photos (click thumbnail to view in detail):


EMCF meeting 2013

  • The 2013 EMCF meeting took place in Leicester on Sat. 26 October 2013
    – see Simon Geller’s Cyclenation blog report at:
    and also photos below (taken by Clyde Hinton and Simon Geller)
    • The replacement Long Horse bridge over the River Trent by its confluence with the River Derwent and the Trent and Mersey Canal, between Sawley and Shardlow, and on the Derbyshire / Leicestershire border (and part of the Midshires Way long-distance path), reopened in November 2011 – (photo above by Les Sims, Sustrans Ranger)
    • EMCF meeting in Leicester on Sat 26 October 2013, hosted by the Leicester Cycling Campaign Group (photos by Clyde Hinton, Sustrans Ranger, Matlock), and including a guided tour of cycling provision in the afternoon:

      Morning group shot including Matt Scull, Leicester Cycling Group, who
      hosted the meeting (seated L) and Alastair Meikle, Secretary of the
      Chesterfield Cycling Campaign (seated on R)
      Second row includes Hugh McClintock (Pedals, Nottingham), John Catt
      (Loughborough and District Cycling Campaign) and John Cutler (CTC Northants)
      Standing on the right at the back are Peter Briggs (Pedals) and
      Martin Aldred (Derby Cycling Group)

      Matt Scull from the Leicester Cycling Campaign Group and Linda from Women velo

      Dave Clasby from the Derby Cycling Group (L) and Alastair Meikle from
      the Chesterfield Cycling Campaign (R)

      Morning Group meeting shot, Friends Meeting House, Leicester

      Afternoon guided ride of Leicester cycling provision, good and bad!


    • EMCF meeting in Chesterfield on Saturday 22 September 2012, hosted by the Chesterfield Cycling Campaign and with speakers including Roger Geffen, CTC Campaigns and Policy Director, and representatives of Peak Cycle Links and
      Sustrans, etc. as well as CCC and Transition Chesterfield.
      The presentations from the meeting are available at www.chesterfieldcc.org.uk/node/96

      East Midlands Trains Cycling Issues


      In January 2007 Pedals, on behalf of the East Midlands Cyclists’ Forum, helped arrange a meeting with East Midlands Trains to discuss various cycling issues.
      A report of this meeting can be downloaded from http://www.pedals.org.uk/pedals_policy_document

      Some of the issues from this meeting, particularly with regard to cycle security and good practice in cycle parking at stations are now being followed up by Pedals with EMT and Peter Briggs from Pedals who attended the Joint EMT / South West Trains Stakeholders’ Meeting in London on 21 October 2010. For further information contact Peter at: peter.chris.briggs@googlemail.com




    Background information on the EMCF
    Lincoln 2008

    An informal network of cycle campaigners (whether working in local groups, as CTC Right to Ride reps or on their own) in the region, the East Midlands Cycling Forum, was started early in 2006, on the initiative of John Stubbs, then Chair of the Derby Cycling Group, with the intention of providing mutual support and a channel to discuss campaigning experiences, ideas and good practice in promoting cycling, as well as to help coordinate lobbying of issues at regional level, for example with the Government Office for the East Midlands (GOEM) and East Midlands Trains.

    From the start EMCF has been keen to work with supportive local authority councillors and officers and people from a range of other organisations, including Sustrans, health agencies, other environmental groups, etc. One of our meetings, in Leicester, was in fact hosted by the City Council. We are also keen to support major local authority cycling projects such as the Cycle Derby Project, funded by Cycling England from 2005-8.

    The EMCF had its first meeting in Derby in May 2006 and since, then has met, about twice a year, in Nottingham, Leicester, Chesterfield and Lincoln. So far, the format at these meetings has been a mixture of a couple of formal presentations, usually on local campaigning issues in the area, a combination of formal and more informal discussions and then, after a bite to eat and a drink,  a couple of hours guided ride to see some cycling developments at first hand.


    Local Cycle Campaign Groups in the East Midlands
    (in addition to CTC Right to Ride representatives)


    Chesterfield Cycling Campaign:

    Derby Cycling Group:


    Leicester Spokes (established in 1983 as a campaign group but since 2007 just a group offering rides):


    Pedals (Nottingham Cycling Campaign)


    Spalding Pedals (Lincolnshirfe)


    (no website);
    Contact Spalding Pedals,
    19 Ladywood Road, Spalding, Lincs, PE11 2DA

    Other information (cycle routes and maps etc.)

    • The latest versions (2011) of the six Leicestershire cycling maps including Leicester City, Loughborough, Melton Mowbray, Market Harborough, Hinckley and Bosworth and the Coalville area can be downloaded at www.leicester.gov.uk/cycle-city



    At the EMCF meeting in Nottingham on 2 October 2010 it was agreed that future coordination of the group should revolve with, at each meeting, one group offering to organise the next meeting, and then taking over responsibility for updating the address list and contacting those on it, before in turn passing on the role to the local group organising the next meeting.

     Some photos from past EMCF meetings:

    Chesterfield- April 2008 (acknowledgements to Alastair Meikle, Chesterfield Cycling Campaign)

    Nottingham: 2nd October 2010 (including meeting at ‘The Globe’ and afternoon ride on
    The Big Track route to Beeston Lock and back, with a refreshment stop at The Boathouse
    Cafe near Beeston Lock.
    (acknowledgements includes Alastair Meikle, Chesterfield Cycling Campaign and Dave Clark, Pedals)

    EMCF meeting in Leicester on Saturday 12 March 2011 (venue – Phoenix Square,
    Midland Street, Leicester LE1 1TG) – no photos available.

    EMCF meeting in Derby on Sat 8 March 2012, hosted by the Derby Cycling Group,
    – no photos available


  • Ridewise Rural Rides for All, Nottinghamshire (programme formerly run by Notts County Council 1984- 2010, but founded by Pedals in 1983), www.ridewise.org.uk or
    contact: ruralridesforall@ridewise.org.uk