Cyclists and the NET

Tramlink Nottingham are now also very keen to be sent details of any problems any cyclists are having with the tram tracks, either on the NET Phase Two hotline, (0115) 924 2454, or via

Pedals has been much involved in discussions on a range of matters to do with the implications of the NET for cyclists ever since planning for the first line of Nottingham’s new trams (The NET) first started in the early 1990s.

The aim of these discussions was to help ensure that the detailed planning of the NET both minimised possible problems for cyclists (e.g. when the tram runs on narrow roads) and maximises the opportunities to help cyclists (e.g. through safe-angled crossings of the tram tracks and, where possible, new cycle facilities alongside the tram routes and including cycle lanes, cycle paths and cycle parking at tram stops)

We also commented on suitable locations for the use of the special warning signs for cyclists in relation to tram tracks and tram stops which were authorised for the first time by the Department for Transport in connection with a new tram line.

In the run-up to the opening of NET Line One (Nottingham Station to Hucknall) in March 2004 Pedals worked with the NET Project Team to produce a leaflet giving detailed advice on how cyclists should cope with tram tracks and detailing alternative cycle routes (e.g. in the Arboretum / Forest Fields / Hyson Green area) and cycle parking. This is available to download here.

Cycle accidents with tram tracks

Cycle accidents through slips on the tram tracks have been relatively few and far between since the NET opened in March 2004 but they do happen on some stretches with on-road running, e.g. on Middle Hill. and particuarly in wet or icy weather.

To ensure that we have an accurate picture of the extent of these it is very important that details of all accidents are reported to the police, even just minor slips with only slight injuries.


  • Pedals is represented at the quarterly meetings of the Greater Nottingham Light Rapid Transit Advisory Committee. This was established under the legislation which first authorised the building of NET Line One, to ensure that various user and business interests are regularly consulted about different aspects of NET operation and performance and to discuss comments submitted from members of the public.
    For more information on this contact Hugh McClintock on
  • NET extensions lines to Chilwell (via Beeston) and Clifton (via Wilford)
    Since 2003 we have also had discussions about the detailed proposals for the two extension lines, and gave evidence at the Public Inquiry in December 2007.  These plans got final approval from the Government in October 2010 and construction work started early in 2012.

    The Pedals policy document for the NET Phase 2 expansion, prepared for the 2007 NET extension plans Public Inquiry, can be found here or on the policy documents page.Among the many issues we have discussed relating to these two lines were the potential hazards for cyclists on narrow roads on which the tram will run but where there is no room for cycle lanes (e.g. High Road, Chilwell; see photo on the left below) and also the potential in some areas for new cycle paths alongside the two extension lines. e.g. between Wilford Bridge- Coronation Avenue and Ruddington Lane (past Wilford; see photo on the right below) on the Clifton route and between Chilwell and the Toton park and ride site by the A52 on the Toton route.These issues were also discussed at a more recent meeting at the Broxtowe Borough Council Offices in Beeston on 16 December 2011; see notes of this meeting to be found here.
    Notes of further meetings, with Mitch Stevens of the County Council, held at Trent Bridge House on 19 January and 13 February 2012 can be found here (19 Jan)and here (13 Feb) as well as the meeting on 1 March 2012 with Mott McDonald (Consultants working on the NET extensions) and Taylor Woodrow (Contractors) and the meeting at Loxley House on 3 Dec 2012 to discuss further the detailed alignment in the High Road-Chilwell Road area.
    Update of February 2012:CHILWELL AND CLIFTON NET EXTENSION ROUTES (2012-2014)
  • for further updates on the construction work and its impact on road closures etc. in different areas see
  • to receive construction news alerts directly via email register via
  • maps showing the ‘bubbles’ (local design areas) can be found here for both the Chilwell and Clifton extension routes


Bike carriage on trams? Not in Nottingham, despite Pedals pleas!
Cycling along Tram TracksAt about the time that we knew for certain that the NET would be going ahead, i.e. in 2001, Pedals campaigned for an experiment to allow bikes to be carried on trams, but this in the end was not successful. As a result the NET does not allow cyclists to take their bicycles onto the Trams (except for folding bikes). The position is the same on all trams in the UK, despite increasing provision for bikes on trams in several other countries, particularly in Continental Europe.

We still would like to see some more general cycle access permitted, at
least outside peak periods and subject to other conditions, but this remains a long-term aim, partly dependent on the success of similar campaigns by other cycle campaigners in cities with new or proposed trams, e.g. Sheffield, Manchester and Edinburgh.

  • Cycle carriage on trams is common in many Continental cities, e.g. Strasbourg in France, Zurich and Basle in Switzerland (see photos below) but not yet anywhere in the UK altough it is being seriously considered as an experiment once the new trams in Edinburgh are up and running, thanks to lobbying by Spokes, the Lothians cycling campaign
    (for more on this see their website at )
  • a copy of the response of 21 July 2011 from Councillor Jane Urquhart, Portfolio Holder for Transport and Area Working, Nottingham City Council, to Pedals request for renewed consideration of cycle carriage on the extended NET system can be found here.

    Bikes on trams – possible in Strasbourg etc. but not in Nottingham on the NET!

To see more details about cyclists and the NET on the NET website click here.



November 2010: Discussions with KENTAG re cycling and a possible Phase 3 of the NET towards Kimberley.
In November 2010 Hugh McClintock of Pedals and Matt Easter, Regional Director of Sustrans, met a group from KENTAG which has been formed to lobby for a further extension of the NET, extending NET Line One from Phoenix Park to Kimberley, etc. west of the M1 motorway on the north-west side of Nottingham.

We discussed opportunities for integrating cycling with these plans (which are unlikely to happen for at least ten years) including whether or not it would be feasible to combine a tram alignment with the current multi-user path on the former railway under the M1 between Hempshill Vale and Watnall, shown in these pictures:-

This path, first proposed by John Grimshaw, former CEO of Sustrans, in the early 1980s, with the support of Pedals, was only implemented, by Notts. County Council, in 2007 and we are therefore very keen to ensure that its future is not in any way threatened, after very many years of campaigning to achieve it!

We are keen to work closely with KENTAG as their plans to develop, and to see what positive opportunities exist to improve cycling provision in connection with their proposed alignment, and including secure bike parking (with good access routes) at their proposed tram route terminus near the Ikea roundabout just off the A610 (Kimberley and Eastwood bypass).