Cleaning Your Bike

The Utterly Simple Guide to …       Cleaning your bicycle

Why should I clean my bike?

Cleaning your bicycle is one of the simplest and most cost effective maintenance jobs you can do. Debris from roads and trail can shorten the life of components causing expensive replacement. Cleaning also allows you to check for any worn, broken or loose components.

A clean bike always looks cool!

  • What you need
    • Car shampoo, bucket and specialist degreaser such as X-lite Muck Off
    • Selection of brushes for stubborn stains and hard to reach places e.g. toothbrush, bottlebrush and paintbrushes (clean)
    • A hose (if you have one) and a quality cycle oil
  • What you don’t need
    Washing up liquid. Its for cleaning pots, it is designed to break down greases and oils. Unfortunately bearings like living in grease and oil so just say ‘no’ to washing up liquid.

3 very easy steps to cleaning your bike

    • Spray whole bike with degreaser and leave for 30 seconds. Use brushes to remove stubborn stains in those hard to reach places.
    • Rinse (if using hose do not point water directly at hubs or bottom bracket)
    • Wash with car shampoo and warm water, rinse, have cup of tea and then lube (oil) chain and derailleurs. Job done, admire handy work, go for a ride and get bike muddyBy Andrew Coolin