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City Centre Cycle Parking

[gmap |id=map |center=52.95179242300812,-1.1482429504394531 |zoom=15 |width=600px |height=600px |control=Small |type=Map |markers=52.952387105240646,-1.1451959609985351:Fletcher Gate Car Park + 52.957015004914226,-1.1491870880126953:New Trinity Square Car Park]

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Cycle Lockers Symbols

Cycle Locker SignCycle Locker Sign

Trinity Square car park cycle lockers installed in 2008

Trinity Square Cycle Lockers

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    Cycle Locker Sign



Cycle parking at Nottingham Station:

The new secure cycle compound in the former Milk Dock on the Station Street (north) side of Nottingham Station) opened in July 2010 – for more information see:

Cycle parking at bus stops and bus stations

The Citycard Bike Compound in the Broad Marsh Bus Station can be used by any cyclists, with a Citycard (available to everyone, whether city residents or not, at the NCT Travel Centre on the south side of the Old Market Square)

Cycle parking by the bus stops at the Queen’s Medical Centre, installed as part of a project in 2010, financed by EMDA and Nottingham City Council, to encourage combined bus and bike use – for further information contact Keith Morgan at the
City Council, email:

Cycle parking at shops and health facilities

For good and less good examples of cycle parking at shops and health facilities see the
Current Campaigns section of the website: