New campaign agreed at Pedals meeting in Feb 2010:

Cycle parking at shops


Improved cycle parking outside the Coop in West Bridgford (left) installed in
January 2010, a great change from the old and battered wheelgrabber
single wheel holder stands which were there before (right)

Background to Pedals campaigning

Started in 1979 to raise the profile of cycling in Nottingham, Pedals has been instrumental in establishing one of the largest urban cycling networks in the UK (see Publications).

Working closely with the Local Authorities we have also seen cycle lockers established in key locations and several hundred cycle stands appear throughout the city and in neighbouring areas in Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe Boroughs.

This work continues, as does our campaign for better quality provision for cyclists including better road and cycle path surfaces, and greater cycle awareness amongst the city’s highway planners, particularly in all major transport, planning, housing, public realm enhancement and regeneration schemes.

and good quality cycle facilities where they can give cyclists a real advantage…

We campaign for better quality cycling provision and not bad examples like these!

We also campaign for better enforcement to discourage driver abuse of cycle facilities:

and for better driver awareness of cyclists and their need for safe distances

not this!

or this!

  • To report cases of encroachment of buses into Advance Cycle Stop lines please report full details, including location, time and registration number to these contacts at Nottingham City Transport and Trent Barton Buses, as appropriate:
  • Nicola Tidy, NCT:- 
  • Keith Wright, Trent Barton:-
  • Jamie Swift, Premiere Travel:-
  • Andrew Yeo, Veolia:-
  • Mark Hollis, National Express:- mark.hollis@nationalexpress.comPlease also copy your message to Andy Gibbons, the City Council’s Public Transport Team Leader, email: Each NCT bus is labelled with a 3-digit fleet number which identifies the individual vehicle, as well as displaying the route number on the destination board. You may find it easier to get the fleet number than trying to note down the full registration plate. The fleet number is painted on the body of the bus in a black font, usually on a white background, in several places inside and outside the bus. 
  • To report cases of taxis infringing ASLs in the Nottingham City Council area contact
    Jim Mortell, Taxi Licencing Section, Lawrence House, Talbot St., Nottingham NG1 5NT,
    tel. (0115) 915 6543, email:
  • See also the poster to increase awareness of ASLs and to encourage driver respect for them which was produced by the City Council in August 2009 and which can be downloaded from the Pedals website at






We are also now keen to see wider use of 20mph limits in urban areas:


Promotion, marketing of cycling and travel plans

As well as getting the infrastructure right for cyclists, we also campaign for the promotion of cycling, and its many financial, environmental and health advantages to be widely promoted.

One way of doing this is via travel plans, prepared in partnership with local employers, school and other organisations, all with close consultation with cyclists and potentail cyclists.

We distribute complimentary copies of our newsletter to many local authority officers and councillors to help make them aware of our concerns and our ideas for different areas.

Photo of site meeting in November 2007 to discuss possible Clifton-Ruddington cycle route proposals and involving Roger Codling of Notts CTC and Pedals, John Lee of Nottingham City Council and Ed Ducker, then Cycling Officer at Notts. County Council. (photo taken by Chris Murden of Pedals)


Pedals works closely with other local transport and environmental groups to promote all forms of environmentally friendly transportation. We have regular contact with the local authorities, especially Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council and work closely with other organisations such as Ridewise, ‘The Big Wheel’ (Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership) and Nottingham City NHS (former Nottingham City Primary Care Trust) as well as CTC and Sustrans.

Photo shows get together with Graham Allen MP at Bulwell Station in 1996

Since June 2007 we have been active members of the Greater Nottingham Cycling Development Group, chaired by Gary Smerdon-White of Ridewise and the Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership, with members also from several other organisations including the City and County Councils, the NHS, the Police, CTC and Sustrans East Midlands.

Consultation includes major schemes like the A453 widening proposals, draft Traffic Management Proposals, various kinds of local authority Policy documents and local cycle route proposals, as in the plan below of proposed cycle routes in the Gresham Park development between West Bridgford and Wilford

consultation on the NET Phase 2 two extension line proposals (to Wilford/ Clifton and Chilwell/Toton)





City Centre cycling study tour with City Councillors and Senior Transport Officers in September 2007, following the setting up of the Greater Nottingham Cycling Development Group:

Wilford Suspension Bridge reopening campaign 2009
(Photo: Nottingham Evening Post)

National and European cycle campaigning links:
Pedals is an active member of Cyclenation (known until 2008 as the Cycle Campaign Network)and, through them, the European Cyclist’s Federation.

  • for more details of our campaigning aims see the Pedals Strategic Vision (revised in Spring 2009) at
    for more information on our recent campaigning activities see the recent Pedals newsletters available in pdf form at