EMT open new Cycle Hub at Nottingham Station

Why is this so poorly planned and promoted?


In May East Midlands Trains opened their new Cycle Hub on the south, i.e. Queen’s Road, side of Nottingham Station, but Pedals thinks that this has been very poorly planned and promoted.

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We have now had many complaints on several issues including:

  • Very poor cycle access, especially bearing in mind that the already busy Queen’s Road will soon be taking a lot more traffic with the City Council’s plans for next year to divert most through traffic from Collin Street and Canal Street in the Broad Marsh area.
  • Very poor signing of the new facility, by the entrance, within the Station and on the main approach routes.
  • Lack of publicity on how to obtain the fobs to access the facility, on payment of the £10 fee.

We therefore arranged a meeting on 19th September to discuss these with Sarah Turner and colleagues from EMT, as well as Keith Morgan from the City Council. Peter Briggs, Hugh McClintock and Paul Abel attended from Pedals, and Adrian Juffs from Ridewise.

Comments were also made at the meeting about the poor state of the older Secure Bike Compound on the north (Station Street) side of the Station, opposite Loxley House, and accessible with a Citycard (for free). The doors often do not close properly and maintenance has been much neglected, with weeds growing everywhere, and much litter, very much giving the impression that cyclists are a second rate form of station user!

As a result of the meeting the following actions were agreed and it was also agreed to meet again in 3 months to review progress. We will also invite Russell, who will soon be taking over a new retail business in the hub (based on his successful experience in running such a facility for EMT at Sheffield station) to a Pedals meeting to discuss its operation, once it is up and running.

1. Station Street Cycle Store

Electronic doors have not closed properly for the last few months.

There is confusion as to who is responsible – NCC are responsible for the cage and the electronic door as this is a City card entry system

Entrance area inside the cage is dirty and requires weeding. Keith confirmed that EMT are responsible for the area. EMT do not have access.


The older cycle hub on the north (Station Street) side of the Station opposite Loxley House (accessible for free using a Citycard) showing just how much its maintenance has recently been neglected. EMT are supposed to maintain it but claim that the City Council who control it, have not given them keys to do so! The City Council however dispute this view!!


Arrange for door to be fixed and place a sign on the cage with contact details to report issues. (Keith Morgan)

EMT to be provided with city cards for access to clear the facility (Keith Morgan / Matt Bamford)

2. New Queen’s Road Cycle hub

Group provided feedback on new hub:

Group frustrated at the lack of engagement from EMT in the run up to the hub opening.

The entrance is unsafe due to Queens Street road – there is no turning point or dropped kerb for cyclists to safely exit the busy road.

Branding for new cycle hub is poor and entrance area is difficult to see.

Window coverings do not make it clear that it is a cycle facility.

The entrance is lost and confusing.

The top doors do not always work and you cannot gain entry from them.

No signage with contact details of whom to report faults or contact if there is a problem.

Poor advertising for the facility and confusion of where to purchase a fob from.

Facility has been in very poor state of cleanliness.

No tools for cyclists – pump etc.

There is no instruction how to use the cycle stands and the top stands are too high and dangerous to place your bike.


Pedals member Chris Gardner by the 2-level bike racks in the new Queen’s Road Station Cycle Hub. Clearly the upper level racks will be easier for some cyclists to use than others. We have urged EMT to provide posters with clear advice on how to use them and suggested that they also provide video clips on their website. If you can manage to work out how to obtain a fob to access this site (for £10) you can then use them at similar facilities at other EMT Stations including Sheffield and Leicester.

EMT Provided an update:

EMT will work with the group on the hub to improve and promote the facility.

New cycle shop fit out starts next week and Russell should be open for October.

Cycle hub has now been placed on the cleaning spec and will be cleaned daily.

Marketing campaign will start once the shop opens.

Fobs can now be purchased from the ticket office.

Racks are used in all of our hubs. We have not received any complaints regarding the top racks.


EMT to review signage in and around the station for the hub (Matt Bamford)

Window signage to be reviewed to better promote the hub (EMT Marketing)

Instructions to be placed around the hub for the racks (Matt)

Guidance and hub etiquette to be placed on the walls (Matt / Russell)

NCC / EMT to meet to discuss Queen street entrance improvements (Sarah Turner / Keith Morgan)

Pumps and basic tools to be placed in the hub for cyclists to use (Matt/Russell)

Notice boards to be placed in the hub (Matt)

Review of hub facility to take place to make minor improvements (Matt / Sarah/ Paul Abel)

EMT ask Russell to attend monthly PEDALS meetings (Matt)

EMT to arrange 2nd marketing campaign for hub once the shop opens (EMT Marketing)

EMT / NCC to review the milk dock area for increased capacity and dual fob usage (Keith/Sarah)

EMT to look into electric charge points in the hub (Sarah)

Follow up meeting to be arranged in 3 months’ time (Sarah)


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UPDATE: Nottingham Station Cycle Hub Follow-Up Meeting Minutes/Actions – 12/12/16

UPDATE: Nottingham Station Cycle Hub Follow-Up Meeting – Actions Update – 3/2/17

Queen's Road Cycle Hub

Confirmation of the (delayed) opening of the Russell’s Bicycle Shed in the new Queen’s Road Cycle Hub at Nottingham Station and that they are now the contact point for all issues to do with the hub including the issue of key fobs.

This marks at least some real progress in beginning to sort out the series of problems relating to the planning and promotion of this hub, raised in the meeting with EMT which several of us had back in September, and which were featured in the lead story in the Autumn Pedals Newsletter. I will also now email the wider Pedals membership about this development and get the item on the Pedals website updated.

Also encouraging in the last few days has been the message from the new Station Manager, Don Robson, who is keen to meet us and discuss these problems. The meeting is on 12 December and Peter Briggs and I will report back at the Pedals meeting on 19th December.

Joel Thomas works at Russell’s Bicycle Shed and supplied us with the following information:

“We are now the contact point for all things related to the cycle hub, issuing key fobs, liaising with EMT and Notts City Council and helping with any issues which may arise.

We are aware of the lack of advertising and promotion thus far and will be doing all we can to improve this situation and provide a pleasant, safe and clean cycle parking facility for all our fellow pedallers.

Electronic key fobs are available from our shop at 17 Queen’s Road, NG2 3DW (virtually next door to the hub) from 7am till 7pm weekdays. We also offer full repair, sales and cycle hire services.”



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Trent Lane-The Hook foot / cycle bridge plans: a long and tortuous saga!

[Previous post on proposed foot/cycle bridge over the Trent]


The bridge site from the south bank looking north towards the bottom of Trent Lane the Trent Basin housing site, whose first phase is due for completion in the next few months.

Recent months have seen close working with Sustrans Research and Monitoring Unit on a study of the economic impact of the proposed bridge, to complement revised feasibility study work by the Steering Group.

After various delays we now hope that this will be completed in the next few weeks, to help us to make a convincing case as to why such a bridge is needed and why the site we proposed is the best option.

This work has included some revised detailed work on how our site compares with the other main contender, i.e. putting shared paths on one or both sides of Lady Bay, an idea first put forward by consultants in 2005 but never taken further by the City and County Councils.

Although this option might be preferable for many more confident and experienced cyclists, we think that it will be difficult to make it attractive for less confident cyclists, especially when approaching from the West Bridgford side.

It would also be much less attractive for walkers who we think are the biggest potential users of a new bridge, especially when making trips between Colwick Park and Colwick Woods on the north bank and Holme Pierrepont Water Sports Centre and Country Park on the south bank.

The Trent Lane to The Hook foot-cycle bridge Steering Group, chaired by Hugh McClintock, consists of representatives of these groups, working in close collaboration with Keith Morgan of Nottingham City Council, Paul Hillier of Nottinghamshire County Council, and Gwyneth McMinn of Sustrans :-

  • Pedals
  • Nottingham Local Access Forum
  • Nottingham Civic Society
  • River Crescent Residents’ Association
  • Blueprint Regeneration

RideWise event to celebrate Nottingham’s new cycle corridor

Take part in FREE led cycle ride to celebrate Nottingham’s new cycle corridor!
Cyclists urged to get on their bikes and experience the new Western Cycle Corridor

RideWise – part of a Nottingham based sustainable transport charity – have announced a “FREE led Cycle Ride” which will take place on Saturday 17th December 2016. The ride – which will be the first of its kind on the new Western Cycle Highway – will start at 10am at Grove Road in Lenton (where it meets Castle Boulevard by the side of the old Grove pub).

Riders are encouraged to come along for the 6-mile circular route, which is expected to take around 1½ to 2 hours. All cyclists are welcome.

Groups of cyclists will be led by RideWise’s accredited cycle instructors who will explain the features of the new cycle infrastructure during the ride – such as junctions, traffic signals and road markings that prioritise cyclists, widening of shared paths and improved road surfaces. The Cycle Ride will also take in Nottingham’s first Parallel Crossing.

The Cycle Ride route will include all of the new cycle highway. Riders will return to Grove Road to complete the circuit at around midday on Saturday 17th December.

This is an excellent opportunity to hear about the planning of Western Cycle Corridor and see the new infrastructure first hand. The Western Cycle Highway connects the city centre to major destinations including the Queen’s Medical Centre and the University of Nottingham and cycle routes to the north of the city centre. It forms part of the City Council’s Nottingham Cycle City Ambition Programme, which is funded by the Council and the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership.

Not only will you be able to find out about the new corridor including from some of the Council officers who have planned it, but it will also be a great opportunity to meet new fellow cyclists.

RideWise need to ensure that they have a good idea of numbers of riders on the day so register your interest by emailing info@ridewise.org.uk or phone 0115 9552288 – leave a message on their answer phone if necessary. However, if you just decide on the day to come along you will be welcome.

Cycle Super Highway & Western Cycle Corridor – Official Opening – 14th December

UPDATE: The official opening on December 14th has now been cancelled. A revised date will be arranged in the New Year.

castleboulevardcyclepathwithopenforusesignnp161116 castleboulevardcyclepathwithwatchoutfor2waycyclistssignnp161116

John Bann – Cycling and Road Space Transformation Manager at Nottingham City Council – provided the following details:

Ribbon Cutting – 14th December – 8.30am at Castle Boulevard/Castle Road section (beginning of Super Highway) – back drop of Castle

Our intention is to officially open the Cycle Super Highway and Western Cycle Corridor for all to use. Launch new Cycle City signage – New route name for the Western Cycle Corridor – N3. Encouraging people to get on their bikes and try it out – makes commuting into the city easier for all.

Also a free public Cycle Ride to be organised and promoted with Ridewise for the 17th December to encourage getting to know the route and get people on their bikes.

How to Use guides: Three videos produced by Nottingham BikeWorks for NCC promoting the new cycle facilities of side roads and the cycle superhighway have been developed theses will be added to social media channels and promoted as part of the launch to help promote the importance of safety on the new routes and how to use guidance.

Signage and branding of route: The new signage will be launched at this event providing examples of what the new route signage will look like including the revised names of all routes – Western Cycle Corridor will now be called N3

A press release will be sent to media W/C 12th December.

Attendees for Photo Call – 14th December – 8.30

  • Cllr McDonald – Ribbon Cutting with
  • Kajsa Tylen – – Ribbon Cutting – Swedish national and Nottingham resident – Just beaten a cycling mileage world record set in the 1930s of cycling over 29,604 miles in a year – her message is for everyone to change their lifestyle and get on a bike – she is happy to support us in promoting our infrastructure and attend this event http://www.ayearinthesaddle.com/

Also in attendance:

  • Chief Executive of Sustrans – Xavier Bruce – confirmed attendance. (Sustrans involved in conceptual design of the scheme.)
  • Chief Executive of Whitehouse Construction (Derbyshire based company which built the Cycle Superhighway) – Steve McKeown – confirmed attendance
  • Pedals, Ridewise, Nottingham Cycle Works and British Cycling representatives
  • representative from the D2N2 LEP which provided the funding


Sustrans Bennerley Viaduct restoration – exciting plans

Bennerley_Viaduct_IlkestonEarlier this year Sustrans held consultation events in Ilkeston and Awsworth to publicise their plans to restore the historic Bennerley Viaduct and reuse it for a cycling and walking link between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The 1,452 foot long bridge would be used as part of a through route between Nottingham and Derby, and with good connections to both sides of the Erewash valley, including the Erewash Valley Trail, connecting Langley Mill with Trowell Lock and Attenborough etc.


BennerleyViaductNP060215Bill Tomson has since May last year been working on these proposals as the Project Officer with Sustrans at their regional office in Nottingham. Following this successful public consultation Sustrans plans to apply for Heritage Lottery Grant funding.

A first bid to be submitted this summer will focus on community engagement activities to promote the project and the viaduct’s heritage widely in the local area, including schools. It is hoped that this will be followed by a major bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund next year focusing on the restoration and route creation works.


BennerleyViaductVolunteer workday 220315BillTomsonOn 18 June a meeting was held in Ilkeston to discuss the formation of a Friends of Bennerley Viaduct group to support Sustrans with these bids and the practical tasks by working parties already begun (see picture by Bill Tomson) and monthly meetings are now planned to follow this up, with representatives of all the many different interests involved with this project.


The next working party is due to take place on Saturday 8 Aug. If anyone is interested in joining in, please email Bill Tomson <Bill.Tomson@sustrans.org.uk>. Or email Bill if you can’t make it on the 8th but want to attend future workdays.


Bennerley Viaduct prospectus PDF. This dates from 1986 and was produced by the Bennerley Viaduct Preservation Trust – a group of activists who helped save the viaduct from demolition.

For more information contact:

Bill Tomson,
Network Development Officer,
2 King Street,
Tel: 077960 43687 / (0115) 853 29 53

Ridewise Cycle Centres

Ridewise has produced some new posters promoting their Cycle Centres:

PdfLink-CycleCentres-NottmCity    PdfLink-CycleCentres-Broxtowe    PdfLink-CycleCentres-Beeston

“RideWise is a Nottingham based charity, committed to providing practical solutions that make cycling an enjoyable and safe form of everyday transport. RideWise have cycle centres in the Broxtowe area which provide weekly advice, training, free bike loans and information about routes and journey planning, as well as a weekly bike ride. For enquiries please call RideWise on 0115 955 2288 or e-mail customerservices@ridewise.org.uk

RideWise also offer bike maintenance courses. Please ring the office on 0115 955 2288 or contact Vera on vera@ridewise.org.uk for further information on dates, times and course content.

These cycle centres are being delivered as part of the Nottingham Urban Area’s successful Local Sustainable Transport Fund programme which since 2011 has established Nottingham as an exemplar for integrated sustainable transport. For further details visit www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/lstfprojects”