Curbing driver abuse of Advance Stop Lines (ASL's) for cyclists

Pedals have actively campaigned for the enforcement of Advance Stop Lines (ASL’s) and Nottingham City Council have now produced a poster to encourage greater driver awareness of them (see attachment below).

Do please download this, pin it up and generally bring it to the attention of any of
the many drivers who seem to have no idea what ASLs are for!
Advanced Stop Line Diagram

The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 came into force on 31 January 2003, replacing the 1994 version. Full text and illustrations at:

The Department for Transport published a leaflet explaining new road markings and signs, including Advanced Stop Lines. The leaflet stated:

“Where a cycle reservoir has been marked out at traffic signals at a junction, all vehicles MUST stop at the first stop line reached unless the signal is green, or the vehicle cannot be safely stopped for an amber signal. Pedal cycles may use the approach cycle lane to enter the reservoir without crossing a stop line. Motorcycles MUST NOT use the approach cycle lane to enter the reservoir while a red signal is showing even if the cycle lane is an advisory one rather than a mandatory one.”

Do please report exact details of abuse of ASLs by local bus and taxi drivers,
using these contacts:-

Please give exact details of where and when the incident occurred, together with the number of the bus and the direction in which it was travelling.